Temple of Dance-Highlights!

  • Temple Of Dance Highlights !Ng

Dancing is our passion and even though we are professionals in totally different field-we love helping the magic of dance to happen. 

Remember us inviting you to the temple of dance? You couldn’t make it? Well, then you really missed a lot, sorry. 

It was not as crowded (because of the pandemic)  as the previous dance event but the emotion was overwhelming. Especially for us being part of the great team of organizers. We are proud we created software, thanks to which all the events went smoothly and the punctuality was flawless. We saw plenty of happy faces and that was our reward. 

Both the organizers and the participants were head over hills and the ambient was great.

The magic did happen and we are a bit nostalgic about it. 

So take our advice-do not miss the next dancing competition as it is going to be awesome. 

Rhythm  will surely “gonna get you”

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By Elders Marketing Team