Meet The Guru: Kalin Venkov

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Let us introduce you Kalin Venkov!

A Team Lead / Co-founder in Elders OSS.
Besides being an elder software engineer, Kalin can night code. Especially when the time passes 1:00 AM...

For example, if you see him busy on the keyboard napping, well... you'll be heavily misled.

@Kalin doesn't sleep. Every morning at 8:00 the code is double-checked, packed, and is ready to deliver.


An Elder known for...

NET Framework, Consul, Neo4j,
.Net Core, Curator, Elasticsearch,
C#, RabbitMq, Redis,
JavaScript, Azure Service Bus, Cassandra,
PL/SQL, GCP, Azure DevOps,
MSSQL, Kibana, Git,
Angular, Docker, Terraform,

DDD, Scrum, Event Sourcing,
CQRS, Kanban, Design Patterns,
Messaging, Project Planning, Scalable Architecture,
Microservices, CI/CD, Full Text Search,
Architecture, PAXOS/RAFT, DevOps,"

Kalin is an Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.
By Elders Marketing Team

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