Elders Delivers: Platform "teachNow"

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Hey thou,

Today we want to share a bit of our bright side.
It starts with the "knowledge".

To be an "Elder" means to have an essential duty to knowledge. Part of our way to serve the knowledge is by helping teachers to spread it out easily.

One of our first knowledge-oriented projects was to create
"The First Platform for Teacher Substitutes in Switzerland - "teachNOW".

We joined to project several years ago. Up today we keep helping it prosper.

Soon, we'll share with you details of what we did and how happy we felt about being useful. 

Stay sharp!

Elderly crafted with...

ASP.NET Core 3.1
Angular 9+
Elastic Stack 7.0
MariaDB 10
Entity Framework Core 3.1
By Elders Marketing Team

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